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Single Pane Window Glass Replacement

Older homes in Phoenix followed designs pioneered by Frank Lloyd Wright and used single pane glass windows. By using the roof lines and layout of the home to shade many of the direct sunlight the windows received, homes were energy efficient even by today’s standards. Universal Glass are single pane glass replacement experts and can replace broken single pane glass in both fixed and sliding windows and doors. Where annealed glass is used, our single pane glaziers carry various glass thicknesses on our installation vans and the glass is cut to size on-site. Single pane glass entry doors and single pane sliding glass doors require tempered glass that is cut to size by our local manufacturer.

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Single Pane Glass Replacement

Like our auto glass services, replacing single-pane window glass is a standardized process that all Universal Glass glaziers follow:
  1. Similar to our dual pane glass replacement process, the first step in replacing single pane glass is to secure any cracks in the glass with duct tape to prevent it from breaking further or falling out of the window.
  2. The glass is then cut from the window frame and removed. The broken glass is discarded.
  3. The exposed window frame opening is then cleared of any old putty or adhesive used to seal the window.
  1. The window opening is measured accurately, and, in the case of annealed glass, the new piece of single pane glass is cut on the side of our van or a table. Being able to cut the glass on-site is a huge advantage because we don’t have to wait for the glass to be made and delivered by one of our manufacturers. If the glass is tempered and not a standard size we have in stock, it will have to be made and installed at a later date.
  2. Once the single pane glass is cut to size and ready for installation, a bead of silicone is placed around the window frame where the glass will make contact. The glass is pressed into place and then the frame elements or putty is used to secure the glass in place.
  3. The new glass is cleaned and inspected to ensure the glass isn’t scratched and the window frame hasn’t been damaged. The job site is cleaned and we make sure no broken glass remains.

Single Pane Sliding Glass Doors

Replacing single pane glass in a sliding glass door follows a similar process to a window, however, tempered door glass is used instead of annealed glass. This adds a couple extra steps in the process because our glazier will have to make sure the door glass is a standard size. If the door glass is the size of tempered glass we carry in stock or is available at our manufacturer in Phoenix, we can bring the proper glass size to your home for immediate installation. If there is an issue with the sliding glass door frame or the glass is not a standard size, we will secure the door by boarding it up and remove any broken glass. The non-standard glass will then be ordered and installed when it’s received from our manufacturer.

How Much Does Single Pane Window Repair Cost?

There are many factors that influence the price of single pane glass replacement:

  1. The type of glass. An annealed glass of standard thickness is less expensive than tempered glass. Tempered glass is used in areas of the home where a break could cause harm, i.e., bathrooms, entry doors, side lights, and glass sliding patio doors.
  2. The size of the glass being replaced. Glass is a commodity just like any other building material and the more you use, the higher the price.
  3. Type of window frame and how the glass is applied. Older wooden windows utilize putty to hold in and seal the edges of the glass. A putty installation is more expensive because of the additional labor required to remove and reapply the putty.

Overall, a single pane glass replacement is less expensive than a dual-pane and can usually be done quickly as long as the window frames are in good shape.

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