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Dual Pane Window Glass Replacement

Universal Glass installs many different types of windows, but dual pane window glass replacement is the most popular in modern Phoenix homes. Dual-pane window glass, also known as an insulated glass unit (IGU) is most popular because it helps insulate the home from intense hot or cold weather. An IGU is made of two glass sheets separated by a spacer and can be filled with an inert gas for increased thermal performance. The end result is a windowpane that does not transfer heat. During winter, the temperatures outside may be freezing, but the inner side of the window will be warm. During summer, the high temperatures outside will have less of an effect when compared to a home that uses single pane window glass.

The dual-pane glass comes in two general types, annealed or tempered. Annealed is used in most windows throughout a home. Tempered dual pane glass is used for sliding glass doors and also in bathroom windows. Unfortunately, glass can break, and dual pane window glass is no exception. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why our customers call us to repair broken window glass.

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Top 3 Reasons Dual Pane Glass Windows Break:

1. Physical Impact
Hitting the window with a foreign object like a golf ball, outdoor heater, tree limb, or yard maintenance equipment can cause a large crack or even frame damage to a dual-pane window. We’ve also had customers who slammed their window or sliding glass door too hard and broke the glass.

2. Poor Installation
If your double pane window is poorly installed, shifts in the structure of your home can put excessive pressure on the window frame, causing it to buckle and crack the glass. Proper installation of the window can help minimize the problem.

3. Heat and Sun Exposure:
The seal between the two panes of glass can fail when the window receives too much sun or is exposed to extreme temperatures. If the failed seal is excessive, it will creep away from the edge of the window and obstruct visibility through the glass. Home inspectors often find this problem, and we are called to replace the dual-pane units so the home can be sold.

One of the misconceptions people have about broken dual pane glass is that we only need to replace one side of the glass (the broken side). However, insulated glass units must be manufactured as a single unit that is sealed and has precise dimensions. We source our dual pane window glass from local manufacturers here in Phoenix, AZ, and custom order a glass unit that matches the size, type of glass, and color of the other windows in your home. Once the new glass arrives at our facility, our expert glaziers follow a very strict installation process to ensure the reliability of the repaired window.

Our Dual Pane Glass Replacement Process:

Step 1: Tape any large pieces of glass that may fall out when removing the glass from the frame.

Step 2: Remove the window stops or frame elements from the damaged window and remove the glass. We then remove any remaining sticky tape from the frame and clean any surfaces where the new dual pane unit will make contact. The technician will be sure to wipe the surface afterward to leave it clean, dry, and ready for new adhesive.

Step 3: Apply new foam sticky tape all around the window frame. Peel off the lining from the sticky tape, so the adhesive is exposed.

Step 4: Spray the edges of the new window glass with a glass cleaner to prevent the glass from sticking onto the sticky tape while positioning the glass.

Step 5: Place the glass inside the frame and move it back and forth until it’s positioned properly. Replace the window stops and frame elements, so the glass is secured.

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