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Cave Creek Home Window Glass Replacement

wooden window glass replacement Cave Creek AZ

Today we tag along with one of the Universal Glass glaziers performing a home window glass replacement in Cave Creek, Arizona. This particular window is a wooden framed modern window that utilizes dual pane glass. Wooden window frames can pose a challenge for glass replacement because the wooden stops need to be carefully removed and then replaced without damage. Wood framed windows are softer than vinyl or metal, making them susceptible to dents, scratches, or breakage during the glass replacement. Older wooden windows in historic homes can be even trickier, requiring a skilled glazier to safely perform the glass replacement.

If your home in Cave Creek or Phoenix has wooden windows, please give Universal Glass a call for a free quote on single or dual-pane glass replacement. Our glaziers are specially trained on all window types including wood, vinyl, or metal framed sliding, hinged, or fixed. For glass replacement, we can match all colors, tints, and thicknesses in both annealed and tempered glass types. Not sure what type of windows or glass you have? We love answering homeowners’ questions about their windows and if in doubt, we’ll schedule a glazier to visit your home to gather the information for a firm price quote.

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